Rowena View Cafe

Dine in or take out!

Cafe Hours


Pre-Season Hours:

10am - 8pm CDT Fri & Sat - 10am - 7pm CDT Sun

Closed Mon - Thurs







Cafe: (606) 252-3883



Marina@Rowena is in the Central Time Zone.

Rowena View Cafe

Call the Cafe: (606) 252-3883

Any visit to Marina Rowena should include plans for a meal at the Rowena View Café.

With a menu that has something for everyone, you will find hearty servings, all your favorite “traditional foods at the lake” and a selection of items for those counting calories.

A children’s menu welcomes families of all sizes and ages. And while you are there, don’t forget dessert!


Shuttle from the Parking Lot to the Cafe: (606) 341-3979

Use the Online Ordering Button Below to See All the Latest Menu Items with Prices.

Photo of outdoor diners at Rowena View Cafe

Seasonal Dine-in and Dine-Out Seating

Our outdoor dining area is cooled by water from 100 feet beneath the surface of Lake Cumberland, enabling our guests to escape the summer heat while dining lakeside. This environmentally friendly cooling system utilizes natural resources by cooling without the use of compressors or refrigeration.