–   Hourly Position

• Must communicate fluently and effectively using both spoken and written English language.
• Must have minimum of High School diploma.
• Must have the ability to interact effectively with all levels of the organization.
• Must be able to lift 25 pounds from floor to chest repeatedly.
• Must have a valid driver’s license and be insurable by the Company at a standard rate.
• Must be able to operate small boats, golf carts and similar vehicles.
• Must be able to operate two-wheeled hand truck, pallet jack and similar material handling equipment.
• Must be able to access, navigate and effectively work while on floating dock platforms.
• Must be able to walk long distances over ½ mile and more without stopping.
• Must be able to climb and descend a flight of stairs repeatedly throughout each workday.
• Must be able to work effectively for extended periods inside a refrigerated cooler.
• Must be able to handle, count and package live bait.
• Must be available to work flexible hours including, evenings, weekends and Holidays and to cover understaffed shifts as necessary.
• Must be capable of accurately completing basic math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication,
division, percentages and figure margin, markup, profit & loss and other math equations. • Must be able to accurately and effectively use the following technology items; phone system, two-way radio, 10 key calculator, point of sale cash register system, computers, printers, copiers, fax machine, email, Excel, Word, Power Point, Quick Books, Marina Office and other technology and programming solutions.
• Must be able to accurately count and maintain cash drawers, change, banks, etc. including beginning and end of day procedures.
• Must be able to effectively manage a Team of employees; including, schedule, train, motivate, monitor, and evaluate members; individually or as part of a group.

Solely or by delegation to full-time or seasonal staff members, the Assistant Manager shall oversee and ensure the following items are accomplished in a timely and efficient manner.
• Maintain a pleasant, responsive and positive customer-service oriented demeanor at all times. Interact positively with all guests to create and maintain a happy and pleasant resort-minded atmosphere.
• Ensure the safety and security of the Marina docks, equipment, and fleet & personnel.
• Ensure that fuel pier is staffed and that incoming boats are immediately met, assisted to tie up and serviced for Fuel, Waste pumpout, Ice, etc.
• Act as backup for Ship’s Store when understaffed or no cashier is present.
• Address customer needs, complaints and opportunities as they arise.
• Meet with prospective customers, educate about Marina property including RV Park and history.
• Show slips to prospective slip customers.
• Defer all annual slip rental arrangements to General Manager.
• Bag ice as needed to ensure that ice keepers are fully stocked.
• Ship’s Store (interior, exterior, windows, doors, etc.) is kept clean and organized for attractiveness and efficiency to marina guests.
• Ship’s Store floor is routinely swept, vacuumed, and damp mopped for cleanliness.
• Merchandise back-stock area above marina store and inside primary cooler is kept neat and organized for convenient backfilling of merchandise.
• Dunnage and waste materials from ship’s store operation are neatly stored and frequently removed from main dock area.
• Keep General Manager informed of any product or merchandise that is running low on inventory.
• Keep any damaged or defective merchandise segregated for management’s annual review of product quality.
• Receive, inventory, and accurately check-in all shipments to Ship’s Store so that all shipping tickets are marked; “Received by (Initials)”; “Counted & Priced by (Initials)”; and ensure Marina Management has copy of the shipping tickets for all inbound shipments.
• All promotional literature of the marina, community and region is kept current, prominently displayed and available for marina guests.
• Monitor and maintain fitting room cleanliness and security.
• Be vigilant against theft and waste and take an active role in loss prevention measures.
• Assist as needed with monitoring of and cleanliness of restroom and shower facilities and waste receptacles.
• Schedule cashier(s) and Ship’s Store personnel based on the expected and observed traffic volume.
• Effectively manage a Team of employees; evaluate performance at regular intervals, provide positive reinforcement of good performance, motivate Team members, coach employees in areas needing further development, discipline employees not meeting minimum standards.
• Immediately communicate to General Manager any and all information, positive or negative, that may be of concern to or have an effect upon the overall business or marina guests.
• Other temporary or ongoing duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by management for the benefit of the business or marina guests.